"We are committed both to the concept that all students can learn and to the imperative that all students will learn."


Project 2nd Chance provides top-notch academics in a setting that can adapt to the needs of our students. Student and adults must meet high standards in order to gain program membership at Project 2nd Chance and our program builds a local community in a flexible full-day schedule focused towards individual growth and support. 

Academic Program

• We employ qualified teachers who share racial, ethic, and socioeconomic backgrounds with our students. This greatly strengthens our impact.
• Students receive free breakfast and lunch.
• Students attend school 4 to 5 hours per day. 
• Students be on a job site 3 to 4 hours per day.

•Students have access to enlisting companies for employment.

• Students make a weekly income on the job.

• Students receive supervision and counseling to enable them to make academic progress toward grade level.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum combines computer-aided instruction using the NOVANET learning system with smart group data driven direct instruction in all core subject areas including English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The curriculum offers the same electives that the students must master for a high school diploma. The program is fully aligned with the Georgia’s core curriculum standards. Our program is available in a flexible half or full day session. We strive to promote institutional cooperation, not competition. Our partnerships, curriculum, and teaching strategies revolve around this core value.

Our Students

Our students are youth aged 16-21 who are no longer enrolled in high school. They seek successful completion of a high school degree in a non-traditional academic setting and enter our program voluntarily. Students are not obligated to return to the high school that they originally left.

Program Membership

PSC believes that program membership requires the student & the program to establish a reciprocal relationship based on an exchange of commitments. PSC believes that program membership is promoted by following several adult practices which many students were not ready to accept coming out of junior high or middle school. In exchange for PSC ‘s energetic & active commitment – program members are required to provide their own commitment. There will be on their part a level of mental & physical effort in program tasks that makes their own achievement likely and helps make the commitment of the adults rewarding.

Adult Practices for Program Membership                 

• Creating positive & respectful relations between students & adults 
• Communicating concern about and providing direct help to individuals with their personal problems
• Providing active help in meeting institutional standards of success & competence 
• Helping students identify their place in our society based on the link between self, education & one’s future 

Student Member Practices for Program Membership

• Behavior that is positive & respectful towards adults & also their peers 

• Academic engagement