"Regardless of academic ability, every member is capable of success."



Project 2nd Chance is a Community-Based Alternative Education Program with the primary goal of recapturing students who have dropped out of school. Project 2nd Chance has developed a high school diploma completion program whose students are eligible to receive support even though they have been unable to succeed in a traditional classroom.

Project 2nd Chance utilizes partnerships on state and local levels with businesses, government, community, and schools in order to provide our students with valuable structured work experiences. We believe that with our resources and support, our students are more likely to succeed in an alternative academic/vocational setting.

Our safety-net program targets students who have completed some portion of their high school requirements before the idea of earning a high school diploma became so remote or virtually impossible due to a myriad of personal reasons.


Project 2nd Chance creates small, caring communities that set high standards for academic excellence and educational achievement. Our educators are seasoned professionals with similar backgrounds to our students, making our alternative education institution much more effective. Truly community-based, Project 2nd Chance connects with various community agencies and organizations that provide support to students and their families to address the special characteristics and unique learning needs of each student. In an information age economy, education is the main currency. Our students will be richer after completing Project 2nd Chance and will have gained valuable vocational skills, personal relationships, a high school diploma, and a new network of support. Please explore our site to learn more about our program, graduation in the United States, and ways to get involved!


Our goal is to build a program climate that fosters not only academics but also compassion & cooperation. We will ensure each member has a strong relationship with at least one adult who is a part of PSC. We will work hard to improve communication between parents and members of PSC’s staff & family members. Our philosophy is based on these beliefs: 

• Regardless of academic ability, every member is capable of success 
• Most of us would rather succeed than fail 
• Once a member of PSC gets a taste of achievement & success, he or she will want more PSC will provide a safe, nurturing environment which combines structure with members learning self- reliance & discipline with discovery. 

Small class sizes, tutors, attentive staff & a mentoring program will create a sense of achievement and ideal conditions for our members to succeed. The structure will promote the need to learn accountability, self- reliance & self-discipline. Academics will be a driving force yet no matter what level the member is at when they enter PSC. Members will be asked to work hard, to work smart and ask for help until their study habits become part of who they are. Over 70% of dropouts said if they were able to relive their H.S. days, they would have stayed in school. PSC will work hard to make their return more meaningful & more interesting than their H.S experience was for them.